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      Rust set to finally leave Early Access

      But that doesn't mean it's done.

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      After four years Rust's developers have announced that they're finally leaving Early Access. The announcement came via Facepunch Studio's official blog.

      There Garry Newman, founder and one of the programmers at the studio, reveals the game will leave Early Access on the 8th of February, without any fuss or ado. Though the game is finally leaving this stage of the development it doesn't mean that the game is finished or complete. Newman says it's too soon to consider it anywhere near done. There is still much they need to do and the people at Facepunch will continue to update the game on a monthly basis. He urges fans to: "try not to compare the game to some other finished game or some idealised version you have in your head. Compare the game now to how it was when we entered Early Access. That's the delta that we feel qualifies us to leave Early Access."

      "Think of it more like we're leaving Prototyping and entering Alpha. Obviously we don't consider that we're actually entering Alpha, this is an example. We're entering a more stable version of what we have been doing," he writes in the blog post.

      "We feel like if Early Access didn't exist and we had been making the game in secret, we'd be happy to put it on Steam now."

      Are you excited to see what will happen with Rust now that it is out of early access?

      Let's hope Rust leaving Early Access means this man finally gets some clothes (probably not).

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