Rust's first premium DLC gives players musical instruments

After revealing the console versions, Facepunch has good news for those who want to play a tune in the survival game.

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Facepunch Studios has just revealed that Rust is coming to consoles in 2020, but they've followed this with the announcement of their first premium DLC for the game, one which should prove rather instrumental for players.

That's because the studio is allowing you to make sweet music with your buddies via musical instruments on December 5, which is when we'll get the Instrument Pack that costs $10 USD, landing on the same day as an update.

This will have a launch discount when it releases, and you can see pictures down below to give you a taste of the various makeshift instruments, from a xylophone made out of a spine to a shovel guitar to shred on.

There's even a custom control scheme, allowing you to bind the notes (A to G) to any key, along with sharp and octave modifiers to get the notes just right on some instruments. You can even use a MIDI device to plug in and play instruments as well, which can be enabled in experimental options.

Even if you don't own the DLC, you can use instruments your friends give you or that you salvage from someone else, doing everything that they can do.

The staging branch test zone will be the first to receive the instruments for free, so that Facepunch can test them out before unleashing them into the full game.

Which instrument is your favourite?


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