Samsung patents "multicast" wireless TV with no power cables

A Korean patent from 2017 has just been discovered and details how the technology behind the TV would work.

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A Korean patent for wireless power integration within Samsung TVs has seen the light of Day, as the postings on WIPO were discovered by Dutch outlet LetsGoDigital before being shared by others in English like The Independent.

These images are in English and feature drawings that show the system, which is basically a meatier version of the way your mobile phone charges wirelessly. This also means that the technology is way too cumbersome to be fitted inside the panel, so instead there's a sort of advanced power brick which acts as receiver for the power, and is attached on the backside of the TV. The brick/beam is attached via magnet, while the power sender is plugged into a power outlet.

The patent itself was submitted in December 2017, but has only recently been published. If this means that Samsung will license the technology to others or will be the sole owner of wireless powered TV's in the future remains to be seen.

Does this concept sound appealing?

Samsung patents "multicast" wireless TV with no power cables

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