Samurai Shodown

Samurai Shodown's Japanese release is in June

We have a brand new characters trailer to get us ready, as well as details on three original fighters coming our way.

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During an SNK studio stream last night the studio revealed the Japanese release date for Samurai Shodown, and as reported by Gematsu we can expect it to launch on June 27 for PS4 and Xbox One, with an arcade version following in summer and Switch and PC versions in winter.

We reached out to SNK for word on the Western release, to which a spokesperson said:

"We want to make clear that these newly announced details apply to Japan only, and are not confirmed for the North American and European releases of Samurai Shodown. We appreciate the overwhelming excitement around Samurai Shodown's Western release, and are eager to share more details at a later date."

The game will be available digitally and physically, and the Season Pass will include four extra characters to bolster the roster. What's more is that those who pre-order the standard edition and Deluxe Pack get a Retro 3D: Haohmaru costume, with a similar skin for Nakoruru coming as a Deluxe Pack and Season Pass bonus. If you purchase both via the PS Store or Microsoft Store too you can also get a 10% discount when you buy before July 16.

The online SNK store also has an exclusive limited edition featuring a case in the style of the NeoGeo, as well as an art book and original picture from Yumi Saji.

As if all this wasn't enough, we also get a characters trailer below, as well as details on three oiriginal characters coming to the game. First we have Darli Dagger, a shipwright who's washed ashore as a kid and taught to fend for herself. Then we have Wu-Ruixiang, who is a wise but clumsy woman serving the Qing dynasty, as well as fallen samurai Yashamaru Kurama, moving as a thief called Karasu Tengu.

We saw Samurai Shodown at a preview event earlier this year, and for our thoughts on the game check out our text. Which characters stand out right now?

Samurai Shodown

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