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Battlefield 2042

Santa Claus arrives in Battlefield 2042 and players are furious

DICE: "Today, we have other priorities, and so whilst we have the skins, we presently have no plans to utilize all of them this Holiday."

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It certainly hasn't been an easy start for Battlefield 2042 since it launched in mid-November, and the criticism doesn't seem to be stopping for either Dice or EA. The latest story comes in the form of a leaked "skin" for one of the game's characters, and the reason people are getting heated is that this cosmetic add-on turns fighter Boris Guskovsky into Santa Claus himself. But fans on various forums don't seem to like these kinds of "sillier" embellishments, and when you add in the fact that the game was released in a broken state, things obviously don't get any better. Below, you can read a sampling from outraged fans on Reddit:

"I knew clown show skins like these were coming. But DICE wasted no time and added them in the very first update. Incredible."

"Dice is doing exactly the opposite of the feedbacks. That is how you kill your own game."

"DICE please's already dead."

"We all knew the clown uniforms were coming sooner or later, but I thought it would 6 months or a year after launch. Something like that."

Dice themselves have chosen to comment on the matter on Twitter, saying that the add-ons have been developed well in advance and thus they are not focusing on cosmetic accessories at the moment:

"Development for Live Service requires us to work months in advance, and enables us to have options when we reach key moments in our first year. Today, we have other priorities, and so whilst we have the skins, we presently have no plans to utilize all of them this Holiday."

It was also clarified that some skins will only be usable in the game's Portal mode, where realism is not as evident as in the main game:

"We also create unique cosmetics for single time use in special Battlefield Portal modes to further enhance the fantasy in special events. Throughout our live service, you may occasionally encounter these mode locked cosmetics, which don't impact the rest of the game."

Battlefield 2042

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