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Scalebound is back for pre-order at a French retailer

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Almost two years ago we got the news that Platinum Games and Microsoft's Scalebound had been cancelled, and since then other than fond memories when looking back on what might have been, we haven't heard any more about it. That is, until now.

The game has suddenly and mysteriously appeared on Amazon France and can be pre-ordered for PC and Xbox One, with an attached release date of December 31 of 2020 (which is likely just a placeholder).

Confused? Well, join the club, as there's no official word on whether the game is back in development, meaning this listing has come out of nowhere like an RKO. That said, as reported by GameFragger, the same site also lists the cancelled Fable Legends as having a 2020 release date, so it might be just a mistake.

What's going on?


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