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League of Legends

Schalke 04 resigns Amazing

In a bid to clutch a playoff spot in the LEC Spring Split, the roster has resigned Amazing as an active player.

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LEC team Schalke 04 has announced that it is resigning former jungler Maurice 'Amazing' Stückenschneider, where he will be eligible as an active player. The news came after Amazing's name appeared on Riot's Official Esports Player Contract Database, stating that his contract will run out on November 18, 2019. The database which shows contract details as well as residential status is sanctioned by the League and includes data on all players participating in an official Riot League.

Whilst Amazing has not officially been part of the Schalke 04 player roster for the past few months, he has assumed the role of head coach of the academy team. However, with the news that Amazing has become eligible as a player, speculation has started about where his role lies within the team especially since he was brought back on as a strategic manager back in December, as announced in a post on Twitter.

Schalke 04 currently sits in sixth place in the LEC with a moderate 8-8 record meaning they are currently still in contention for a playoff spot. In order to secure it though, they will have to perform well in their final matches of the split this week against the strong Origen roster and the struggling Rogue team.

Do you think bringing back Amazing will improve Schalke 04's chances of clutching a playoff spot?

League of Legends
Photo: Schalke 04

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