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Screen Time - March 2023

It's a new month and there are plenty of exciting movies in store for fans of all kinds.

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It's almost a new month and that means it's time to see what the film industry has in store for fans. With tons of blockbusters and exciting sequels on their way, as well as the return of a few beloved TV series, it's time to crack on with a new episode of Screen Time.

But before we do start, a quick reminder: we've based our picks on a UK release calendar, so be sure to check local theatres and streaming services for accurate dates and listings.

The Mandalorian - Season 3 [Disney+] - March 1

The galaxy's shiniest bounty hunter is returning for the third time. Now reunited with Grogu for the adventures ahead, and seeking redemption, Din Djarin will return to his home planet of Mandalore, but his arrival - and possession of the Darksaber - may be less than welcome.

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Creed III - March 3

What goes up must come down, even Adonis Creed. Michael B. Jordan's titular fighter is on top of the world of boxing and family life until an old friend and former boxing prodigy returns from prison to take back what he feels was stolen from him. Adonis will be pushed to new physical and mental limits against a foe he created, and who has nowhere to go but up.

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Scream VI - March 10

Fleeing Ghostface, former survivors gather in the unsleeping city of New York, at last to finally rest. But the legend of the screaming mask never stays dead for long, and this new, dangerously driven killer won't rest and won't settle for anything less than an all-out slaughter.


65 - March 10

Crash landing on an unknown planet, survivors Mills and Koa quickly realise they've landed on planet Earth. But not the one familiar to us - this is Earth from 65 million years ago, teeming with terrifying prehistoric threats ready to tear them limb from limb. The duo must keep their wits about them to survive long enough to grasp their singular chance to escape.


Luther: The Fallen Sun [Netflix] - March 10

Coming to Netflix after a short run in cinemas, Luther: The Fallen Sun picks up after the BBC series and sees the grizzled titular detective, played by Idris Elba break out of prison for the greater good. Disgraced but not disheartened, London's most direct investigator vows to hunt down the 'cypher psychopath' running free in the Capital's streets.


Ted Lasso - Season 3 [Apple TV] - March 15

Moustached to the max, Ted Lasso's cheery face will be returning to the small screen for the third - and potentially final - time. Having climbed up to football's Premier League, AFC Richmond must now face down an old friend - the "wonder kid" Nate - who has partnered up with West Ham United. With all bets against them, this is sure to be an underdog story for the ages.


Shadow and Bone - Season 2 [Netflix] - March 16

It's a new dawn as the Sun Summoner returns for a second series. Now aware of the Darkling, who has returned from the Shadow Fold with renewed strength, Alina Starkov tries to settle down for a quiet life with Mal, but peace seems to be the one thing her powers are incapable of granting.


Shazam: Fury of the Gods - March 17

Billy Batson and his superhero family return for a second big-screen instalment. Filled with divine power, these foster kid's lives will be far from smooth sailing, however, as three gods intent on revenge, seek to hunt them down and take back the magic that was once theirs.


John Wick: Chapter 4 - March 24

With a path to the High Table finally in sight, the world's most infamous hitman will travel around the globe cutting down seat after seat in the underworld, until he finally makes his peace with its head. Of course, blood doesn't come cheap, and freedom is even more expensive, with friends and foes alike and danger along the journey for Keanu Reeves' John Wick.


Murder Mystery 2 [Netflix] - March 31

A far cry from our earlier Netflix detective entry, this sequel sees Adam Sandler's and Jennifer Aniston's Nick and Audrey stumbling into the crime-solving business following the original's events. But when their close friend is kidnapped at his own wedding, it's up to the couple to use their "talents" to return him home safely.


Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves - March 31

Arriving to UK screens earlier than anticipated, this adventure follows a mismatched band of 'heroes' who, having accidentally unleashed a great evil, must steal back an ancient relic to correct their misdeeds - and save the world. From battlefields to the Red Wizards of Thay, this is sure to be a spectacular D&D showcase for diehard fans and newcomers alike.


And that does it, be sure to come back next month to see what April 2023 has in store for cinemagoers and streamer subscribers.

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