Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is getting a closed PS5 beta on April 12

And Rare has confirmed that there will be dedicated PlayStation servers.

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Sea of Thieves was one of the four previously Xbox console exclusive titles (the others was Pentiment, Grounded and Hi-Fi Rush) that Microsoft announced for competing formats earlier this year, and it will be released for PlayStation 5 on April 30.

If you don't feel like waiting until then, but want to play pirate in Sea of Thieves, then Rare has some good news in store for you in a new PlayStation 5 FAQ. They have now confirmed that a closed beta kicks off on April 12, and everyone who has pre-ordered the Premium and Deluxe Edition will be eligible to try the beloved pirate simulator. All your progress will then be brought to the final game for a handy head start, although it's worth remembering that Sea of Thieves never gives higher levelled players any gameplay advantages whatsoever, but knowing the ropes is definitely a perk.

Finally, Rare also adds that there will be dedicated PlayStation servers if you only want to play with other on the same format. You can also expand this to only play with people using controllers (mainly Xbox gamers) or open crossplay to face PC-buccaneers as well.

Check out the FAQ link above for more information.

Sea of Thieves

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