Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is getting a new anti-cheat system

Rare confirms that Epic Games' popular Easy Anti-Cheat is being added to their pirate simulator this month.

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Even though we probably shouldn't expect pirates and buccaneers to play fair, cheating is a growing problem in Sea of Thieves, just as in many other PC multiplayer games. And now Rare's had enough.

In a lengthy video, Rare explains that Epic Games' system Easy Anti-Cheat will be added to Sea of Thieves this month (updated by itself and won't affect Proton compatibility for Steam Deck users), hopefully making it more rewarding to play. Sea of Thieves really is a game where even an honest pirate can steal all of your treasures, turn your mighty ship into firewood and kill the crew just for fun, and adding cheating to this pretty much ruins everything.

Next month, a new audience will begin the long journey to become pirate legends when Sea of Thieves launches for PlayStation 5, so expect a whole lot of seadogs late April and hopefully considerably less cheating. And remember that you can choose to play with console gamers only, something that in our opinion often means way fewer cheaters.

Finally, Rare also says the Game Pass Core demand will be removed for people playing Sea of Thieves alone, as that technically makes it a single player game.

Check out the video below for a more in-depth explanation from Rare themselves.

Sea of Thieves

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