Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves passes 40 million buccaneers

The life of a pirate continues to attract large numbers of gamers and soon the PlayStation 5 audience will be joining...

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Almost two years ago, Rare announced that their pirate simulator Sea of Thieves had reached a very respectable 30 million players. Since then, new pirates have been arriving in droves and now the studio has passed another mighty milestone.

A total of 40 million players have now tried out the life of a digital buccaneer, and in an open letter, executive producer Joe Neate writes:

"As I'm sure you can imagine, when it comes to Sea of Thieves my days are full of numbers. Development costs, active servers, days until the next update... Sometimes, though, a truly extraordinary number stands out - a number like 40 million, which I'm incredibly pleased to say is the number of pirates who've now set sail in Sea of Thieves!

40 million players across Xbox, Windows 10 and Steam is an amazing milestone to be able to talk about, and of course it wouldn't have happened without you - our brilliant, positive and welcoming community, who continue to surprise and impress us with your creativity and antics out on the waves."

In just a week, the game will also be released on the PlayStation 5, which will surely give it another big boost (the game has been topping pre-order lists for Sony's console for weeks).

Considering all the free content that is continuously added to the game and how much fun it is, this is obviously very well deserved. With that said, are you planning to hit the ocean next week when Sea of Thieves arrives on PlayStation 5?

Sea of Thieves

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