Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves: Season 11 sets sail on January 23

Plenty of new additions and a whole lot of changes awaits all ye scurvy pirates out there.

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Season 11 of Sea of Thieves kicks off on the 23rd of January, and this free update is a big one with several major changes, including some that make the adventure easier to get into for newcomers.

Amongst other things, players will be able to access all voyages and events from their ship's quest table, thus eliminating the need to buy voyages from individual traders. You can also embark on voyages quicker with a fast-travel solution, which makes your ship dive below the waves to re-emerge where needed (though it leaves existing loot behind). Completing voyages now earns players reputation, providing a reward even before cashing in the treasure so you don't lose everything if dastardly pirates show up.

This and a whole lot more are being shown in a new video for Season 11, which you can check out below.

Sea of Thieves

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