Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves was the best selling PS5 game in Europe last month

Microsoft had four of the ten most sold PlayStation games.

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Ahead of the PlayStation 5 premiere of Sea of Thieves, we reported that the game dominated the pre-order lists in many parts of the world - including Europe. So we're not entirely surprised that it did very well at the premiere, but we're still happy to have it confirmed.

According to the PlayStation Blog, it was the most downloaded game in Europe for Sony's latest console in April (not counting free-to-play). And it's safe to say that Microsoft had a good month on PlayStation. They had four titles in the top 10, and in addition to Sea of Thieves, we find Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Grounded and Fallout 4.

Sea of Thieves also sold really well in Canada and the US, but there it was "only" third after Helldivers 2 and Stellar Blade.

Did you expect there to be this many pirate-enthusiasts on PlayStation?

Sea of Thieves

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