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Secretlab Titan

They don't call it the Titan for nothing.

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Secretlab Titan

In this day and age there are plenty of companies looking to provide gamers with the most comfortable chairs possible, with YouTubers like Pewdiepie even looking to shift some gaming chairs themselves, and one of the leading companies in this market is Secretlab. It should be a testament to their quality that they've recently secured a partnership with esports tournament organiser PGL to provide chairs for their competitions, and so when we tested out their ominously named Titan we had high hopes, and they weren't disappointed.

The first thing to note is that they don't call this chair the Titan for nothing, as the box it arrives in is extremely heavy. We had the bright idea of assembling it downstairs before moving it up to the office, but this proved to be an especially tricky task, and we wouldn't recommend it. It's also big and so this medium build, six-foot-tall reviewer felt somewhat engulfed.

The good news though is that the assembly instructions are in plain English with only 12 steps to follow, with all the tools you need being in the box (although we'd advise you to use your own screwdriver). A minor gripe would be that the allen key isn't the easiest to turn in some steps, but considering the fact that we assembled the whole thing and got seated in about 30-45 minutes, we can forgive a little bit of fiddliness in the assembly process.

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Secretlab Titan

Once put together there are plenty of adjustments you can make to suit your preferences, whether that be the recline of the backrest, the positioning of the armrests, the tilt, and even lumbar support, built into the backrest of the chair. A lot of users may well never fiddle with a lot of these, but it's great to have all the options available to you, especially when it comes to those who have thrown their back out gaming with bad posture for so long. We can speak from experience when we say that sitting back and upright in this chair is comfortable for your back (and the rest of the body too, in fact, as it comes with a soft head cushion as well).

All of this feels high-quality as well, as you'd be forgiven for thinking that the seat came straight out of a high-end car. From the stitching to the logos and the colouring, it all feels luxury and we have confidence it'll last us a long time as a result, especially considering the bulky nature of the chair in itself. It also strikes a fine balance between softness and support, as we found ourselves sinking into it the moment we sat down.

The price of £349 (down from £450 as part of a promotion) will no doubt put some people off at first glance, but we can safely say that it's worth the money, as it not only supports the back and is comfortable to use for long sessions - be it work or play - you'll get extended use out of it too. It's a bit hefty, so of course it won't fit into smaller spaces, but for a high-quality gaming chair Titan is one of the best out there and sits alongside other big names like ESL.

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Secretlab TitanSecretlab Titan
09 Gamereactor UK
9 / 10
Comfortable and supports the back, Easy and quick to assemble, Feels high-quality.
May be too big for some people.
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