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Seekers of the Dawn is Conan Exiles' new DLC

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Conan Exiles, Funcom's survival game based on the barbarian's world of Hyboria, has received a new DLC pack by the name of Seekers of the Dawn. When we say "has received", we're actually referring only to the PC version, as PS4 and Xbox One will get it a bit later ("soon", according to Funcom).

Seeker of the Dawn introduces Yamatai-themed building pieces, weapons, armor, and pet skins, joining the Katana, a weapon with its own unique animations, attacks, and attributes. If you're not familiar with Yamatai, its basically Asia in Conan's World.

Seekers of the Dawn costs £8.99 on Steam, and you can find out more about it on the Steam page in fact. Alternatively, you could just watch the trailer down below.

Is this just what you needed to dive back in?

Conan Exiles

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