Iron Man 2: The Video Game

Sega announces Iron Man 2

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Sega have announced that they are making a video game out of the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie. The sequel to last summer's blockbuster that also saw Sega making a video game adaptation will hit theatres next summer.

"The game is currently in production at SEGA Studios San Francisco. SEGA has continued to refine its game engine so that players can expect an entirely new and enhanced gameplay experience. Stay tuned for more information about Iron Man 2, the video game."

Sega Studios San Francisco is the new name for Secret Level who were responsible for both Iron Man and the painful Golden Axe: Beast Rider. It doesn't instil much confidence that they are in charge and that they are using the same game engine (albeit refined). Between the lines Sega are pretty much owning up to the fact that Iron Man was a below par effort, and hopefully that realisation will lead to something good when Iron Man 2 releases alongside the movie next summer.

Iron Man 2 is in development for Nintendo Wii, PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.

Iron Man 2: The Video Game

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