Sonic Mania

Sega has no plans for a Sonic Mania sequel

Sonic Mania Plus will have to do for now.

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Despite Sonic fans often not receiving great games, we did get a really good retro-style title last year in the form of Sonic Mania (which we rather enjoyed), although that doesn't mean Sega is willing to spoil us again with more of this good stuff, as in an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu producer of the Sonic series Takashi Iizuka says:

"The next project is called Sonic Mania. That was a joke, the project 'Sonic Mania' feels complete issuing the packaged version 'Plus.' I have not thought about what to do with the series in the future currently."

Iizuka still seems to be humbled by the feedback from both older and younger fans and continues:

"Thanks to everyone who bought the original Sonic Mania, we're able to continue it to Plus, and we're really grateful for that. There may be some impressions that Sonic Mania was aimed for people who knew of the Genesis-era games simply because it is a 2D game that feels like the past, but in actuality, people from a very broad age range are playing it. Especially outside Japan, the highest user demographics of digital downloads came from grade schoolers. This time we're selling it in a form and price that's easy to obtain, so to those who haven't got to play this yet, please kindly get this. I can proudly recommend this title to Japanese grade schoolers as well."

An improved version of Sonic Mania called Sonic Mania Plus is coming this summer, but for now it seems that's all we're getting. Would you like to see a sequel though?

Sonic Mania

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