Sevarog joins Paragon cast

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Epic's action MOBA Paragon recently entered Early Access on Steam and on PS4, today a new fighter has joined its ranks - "jungle tank" Sevarog.

Sevarog is a hero who scales well into the late game thanks to his first ability 'Siphon'. Siphon deal damage in a small area in front of your hero, when you kill an enemy with this ability you will gain soul stacks which will increase the damage of Siphon.

Sevarog's second ability is 'Phantom Rush'. Phantom Rush is a short range dash that allows him to pass through units while his third is a ranged AOE root which also slows enemies, you can use this to lock opponents in place and close the gap.

Finally your ultimate 'Colossal Blow' is a short conal attack that will knock enemies in which ever direction you're facing when you hit them. A powerful initiation combo is to root enemies with Subjugate, get close to or behind them with Phantom Rush and then knock them towards your team with Colossal blow.


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