Genshin Impact

Seven minutes from Genshin Impact on PlayStation 5

It will launch on the platform on April 28.

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April 28 marks the release of the enormously popular Genshin Impact on PlayStation 5. Therefore miHoYo has now shared a video with no less than seven minutes of gameplay to show what to expect from it. In the video presentation on the PlayStation Blog, the developers explain:

"The PlayStation 5 hardware provides an ideal platform to experience Genshin Impact, making the world of Teyvat even more detailed, more vivid, and more immersive."

miHoYo also "built a customized file-loading system to take advantage of the powerful SSD of the PS5", so it sounds like it might be a game actually improved for the new format rather than just a cash-in.

Check out the gameplay video below.

Genshin Impact

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