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Shadow Warrior 2

Shadow Warrior 2 patch adds insane difficulty tiers

Not to mention bug fixes, balances and tweaks.

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Shadow Warrior 2 has got a patch that is sure to please fans of the game as it includes a lot of gameplay tweaks, bug fixes, but also three new ultra-difficult tiers for insane difficulty that should be sure to test even the most hardcore player out there.

Among the extensive patch notes (which can be seen here) there are additions like more enemies attacking at one time on hard and insane difficulties, upgrade drop quality now reflecting difficulty setting and a fourth stage has now been added for the Second Chance skill.

Developer Flying Wild Hog also released a video talking about the game's developments, revealing that more free updates will be coming to the game, including the Nobitsura Kage katana from the first game. Are you hyped to see its return?

Shadow Warrior 2

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