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Shadow Warrior 2

Shadow Warrior 2: "We didn't want to guide players by hand"

Flying Wild Hog on why their sequel is getting bigger maps and a co-op mode.

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After watching a presentation for Shadow Warrior 2 during E3, we had the chance to talk with Flying Wild Hog's Pawel Kowalewski about his work on the FPS sequel

Although well received, the original Shadow Warrior had some flaws, but the team is aware of that, and they're making several changes to the sequel to ensure it betters the first:

"Players didn't enjoy the firearms as much as the melee combat, so in Shadow Warriors 2 we knew that we had to make those two features equally important for the gameplay," Kowalewski explained.

"We also have a lot more melee weapons than in the first Shadow Warrior. We also added the loot system, to make the firearms more interesting. Players will have many ways of upgrading the firearms with items left by enemies."

Kowalewski then continued: "The first Shadow Warrior was more of a corridor shooter, like the original game was back in the day. With Shadow Warrior 2, since we are improving our engine - Road Hog Engine, that powers all of our games - we wanted to make levels bigger and more vertical and we also wanted to add some new moves, like the double jump, and aerial dashes. We wanted to make levels more open, we didn't want to guide players by hand, like the previous Shadow Warrior. Players now have the freedom of choosing their own path to the objective."

Kowalewski also mentioned the co-op mode, where all players see themselves as the protagonist, but see different skins for the other players. Shadow Warrior 2 is coming simultaneously for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2016.

Shadow Warrior 2Shadow Warrior 2Shadow Warrior 2

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