Shadow Warrior 3

Shadow Warrior 3 will take 500 hours to complete, but...

Devolver Digital is having a little fun following Techland's Dying Light 2 claim.

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As we reported, Techland communicated the play time needed to finish Dying Light 2 Stay Human so poorly, that they needed to share a clarification afterwards and write that you won't need to invest 500 hours into the adventure. Mistakes happen, and Techland did the right thing by explaining the play time further, but this didn't prevent Devolver Digital from having some fun with the initial huge number.

Therefore, they wrote on Twitter late yesterday that you will in fact need 500 hours to finish their upcoming Shadow Warrior 3, but there is a tiny extra part to this story. Here's the full quote:

"Shadow Warrior 3 will take 500 hours to complete 60 times."

It gave us a good laugh and will hopefully brighten your Tuesday as well. And now we know, thanks Devolver Digital. Techland also noticed this and decided to post something as well in a reply that also made us laugh.

Shadow Warrior 3

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