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Sifu Reveals Xbox and Steam Release Dates

The kung-fu action game comes to new platforms and releases a new game mode.

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The critically acclaimed kung-fu action brawler Sifu has just revealed a new trailer where it shows off the Arenas mode and reveals that it is on its way to Xbox and Steam. Originally, Sifu launched for PC via the Epic Games Store and PlayStation.

Since then, it has been brought to Switch and is now being teased for Xbox and Steam. It will launch on those platforms in March 2023. That release will also bring the addition of the free Arenas mode, which will give Sifu players extra challenges to complete.

Successfully completing the Arenas mode unlocks a bunch of new modifiers in Sifu, which will double the game's current amount. Also, players can gain access to new cheats and skins when they beat the Arena challenges, giving veterans the chance to go back into the entertaining brawler.

You can check out the full trailer for Sifu's Arenas mode below:


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