Too Human

Silicon Knights Vs Epic in court

long running legal feud moves forward

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The long-running legal battle between Silicon Knights and Epic took a lumbering step forward today, as the Too human developer has been granted to bring its lawsuit against Epic before a jury.

The lawsuit, that has been bubbling away for years now, boils down to Silicon Knights claiming Epic withheld improved versions of its Unreal Engine from third-party developers it'd licensed the use of to (such as itself), and failed in its support promises to those developers to focus work on Gears of War instead. The result therefore breached licence agreements, hindered development and therefore potential profits of those third-party titles using the technology.

Documents that have come into possession of Kotaku's Australian branch state that a judge has approved the next step in the process. The article also offers more detailed accounts from the claim.

Silicon Knights released Too Human in 2008, to mixed critical reviews.

Too Human

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