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Skate 4 will mark the series debut on PC

The developer revealed the news with a skateboarder kickflipping over an old computer monitor.

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It might shock you, but the Skate franchise is a console-exclusive IP. PC players haven't been able to check out Skate, Skate 2, or Skate 3, and ever since the announcement of Skate 4, we've been wondering if that trend would continue: now we have the answer.

Skate 4 will officially be breaking that cycle by also coming to PC whenever it does eventually look to land in the future. The news was revealed in a video on Skate's Twitter channel that shows a skateboarder kickflipping over an old computer monitor that turned on to reveal the Skate logo. The post was also captioned, "PC_confirmation.exe".

We don't know a whole lot about Skate 4 yet, even if it will go by the name of Skate 4, but we do know that it is being developed by Full Circle, a new studio consisting of former Skate developers, who will solely focus on producing the title.


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