SkateBIRD has been delayed until September 16

It was originally intended to kickflip its way onto PC and consoles on August 12.

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The gaming line-up for August 2021 has taken another blow as it has been revealed that SkateBIRD has been delayed. Just recentlyy, we also heard the news that Kena: Bridge of Spirits would be pushed back until September. SkateBIRD has now had its release date moved from August 12 to September 16, as developer Glass Bottom Games hopes to release it simultaneously across all platforms. Additionally, the delay will also enable the team to make UI and sound improvements, a camera overhaul, and other various enhancements.

"This wasn't an easy decision," said Megan Fox, founder, Glass Bottom Games. "But SkateBIRD was always a game about doing your best, and we owe it to our backers, fans, and fellow bird enthusiasts to ship the game in its best state. As a small indie studio, completing certification on multiple platforms requires plenty of extra work. Launching on Sept. 16, 2021 lets us ramp up our efforts to ensure SkateBIRD comes to PC and consoles on the same day!"

Along with the revised release date, some post-release content for the game was also revealed. A new adorable sounding 'Pet the Bird Mode' is said to be on the way and so is a Skate Heaven stage. More information on post-launch content is said to be revealed soon.


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