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Sloclap explains to us how the Summer Update improves Sifu

Between gameplay modifiers, better scoring, and some new outfits, fans of the martial arts game have a lot to look forward to.

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The Sifu Summer Update has just arrived, and as part of that, fans of the martial arts game are now able to check various improvements in-game, including the likes of gameplay modifiers, a better scoring system, and even some new cosmetics that provide extra challenges to overcome.

As part of our on-site coverage at Gamescom, we had a chance to speak with Sifu game designer Romain Trésarrieu, where we chatted all about what these new features will add for players and how they will work.

"We want to give back to the community that is already expecting a lot from the game already," said Trésarrieu. "Some of them think they have seen everything that the game has to offer, but we want to give them an incentive to go back to it. We are adding the Modifiers feature that's here to give ways for players to customise their run, make it harder, but also ways to learn more of the game's enemy patterns if they are into it, or just have some fun elements, like your low gravity cheat or slow motion one to make things a bit more staged or silly in the game, if you want."


"And then we are taking a new step in regard to the scoring system in which the first version we had was pretty barebones, but here we won't have to wait for evaluating player's performances or rewarding them for how well they are performing in the game, but not just serverboard wise, like stylish-wise too. We're giving this idea they are playing an action movie and rewarding them for doing so."

You can see the full interview above to learn more about what the Autumn and Winter updates for the game will bring to the table, and can even look to check out the Summer Update content now, as the free update has officially arrived.


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