Sniper Elite 3

Sniper Elite 3: Save Churchill: Part 1 DLC is now available

Save the British Prime Minister.

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505 Games and Rebellion have announced that Save Churchill: Part 1 - In Shadows, the first mission in an epic three part DLC campaign to save the British Prime Minister, for Sniper Elite 3 is now available on PSN and Xbox Marketplace.

Set after the events of Sniper Elite 3, Save Churchill follows OSS sniper Karl Fairburne in his attempts to uncover and prevent a Nazi assassination attempt on the British Prime Minister in the run up to the famous Casablanca Conference of 1943.

Save Churchill: Part 1 - In Shadows is set in an atmospheric night time re-imagining of the shadowy city of Siwa. The following two and three parts of the DLC campaign will reveal the new North African environments in development and will blow you away - including the largest level ever created in the series' history. The Save Churchill: Part 1 mission is available on PSN and Xbox Marketplace for €7.99.

Sniper Elite 3

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