Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces offers only 15 minutes of controlled 3D gameplay

A Sonic fan decided to capture and put together the actual 3D gameplay.

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Sonic Forces launched earlier this month on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PC to mixed reception, with some players welcoming the new ideas and variety, and many others not really liking it as a whole (you can read our review for a more in-depth look).

Now, even if this was presented to fans as a more modern, 3D platformer compared to the also recent and pretty successful Sonic Mania, in reality, there's very little 3D gameplay in the game. At least when you only take into account real player agency and leave out cutscenes and heavily scripted, non-controlled sequences.

To show this Sonic fan Lawrence Granroth has put together a YouTube video capturing "only the parts where you can control the character in 3D without a boss fight", also without those automated sections. It's been captured during his second play-through.

The result is less than 15 minutes of actual 3D-platforming. Shocking? Maybe so. Tell us what you think of this in the comments below.

Sonic Forces

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