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Sonic Mania Plus landing in summer

Featuring tons of extras for existing fans.

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Last summer we got a throwback to the good old days of Sonic in the form of Sonic Mania, based on the original 2D platformers (and was a game we thoroughly enjoyed), and now there's even more good news for fans of the game, as the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account has revealed that Sonic Mania Plus is coming this summer.

What's the difference though? Well, this edition comes packaged with a load of extra goodies, including a new mode called Encore, four-player competition mode, Holographic packaging, a 32-page art book, and two new characters, all of which can be seen in the announcement post below.

What's more is that when one user asked if this would come as a free update, another user confirmed that this was indeed the case, so existing fans will get a lot of this extra content digitally. Which part of the package are you most excited for though?

Update: Sega has now clarified that the new content will not be made available for free for existing users as they will instead be able to purchase the Encore DLC pack, which includes all the added features. No price information has been made available, but this DLC will presumably arrive when the Plus edition launches.

Sonic Mania

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