Hunter's Arena: Legends

Sony appears to have leaked August 2021's PS Plus line-up

Hunter's Arena: Legends will reportedly be next month's PS5 title.

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It looks like somebody over at Sony made a slight hiccup, as August 2021's PS Plus line-up recently appeared on the company's website. According to the post, next month's line-up will include Hunter's Arena: Legends on PS5 and Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville and Tennis World Tour 2 on PS4. This post has since been removed by Sony, but fans were quick to take screen shots and preserve this blunder.

Things admittedly look a little underwhelming compared to the last couple of months, but subscribers at least get access to one brand-new PS5 title. Hunter's Arena: Legends is a 30-player battle royale game that launched on Steam back in July 2020. Reviews on Steam are mixed, but at least here it is free for players to check out and its appearance in the line-up should allow for large player base at launch. It appears, however, that the PS4 version of the game is not included and it will only be available for those on PS5.

What do you think to this selection of games?

Hunter's Arena: Legends

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