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Sony is bringing Walkman back

It supports 96KHz FLAC and has pretty much everything you could ask for, including physical buttons.

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Few items define the wonderful 80s better than Sony's Walkman. It made it possible to listen to music on the go and made mixtapes a cultural phenomenon. While the Walkman brand was largely retired in the 90s - which brought us portable CD players, Minidiscs and so on it have been used occasionally, like in Sony Ericsson smartphones.

Now it's back once again as Sony has now introduced the Android 12-based Walkman NW-A306. This beauty offer 36 hours of 44.1KHz FLAC listening (32 hours for 96KHz FLAC) and offers 18 gigabyte storage, all packed in a weight of 113 grams and 98.4 x 56.5 x 11.8 millimetres measurements. It also has all the other bells and whistles you could expect such as Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi, NFC support, a 3.6-inch HD touchscreen and physical buttons for maximum retro feel.

As you probably have figured out already, this is a quite expensive thing, and is priced €350/€400. Head over to the link above to read more and perhaps order one for yourself.

Sony is bringing Walkman back

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