Spacelords gets Identity update with cosmetic customisation

The Space Shop grants access to new skins and emotes, and the update brings plenty more like monthly rewards and Featured Player highlights.

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Mercury Steam has just launched the Spacelords Identity update for their game Spacelords, which adds new content to the game including the Space Shop, offering cosmetic customisation for all characters. This includes skins for characters and weapons as well as emotes.

The new Space Disco might be the perfect place to test these new emotes out, and when you're not dancing you can check out the new monthly rewards, individual scores based on player performance, and the Featured Player highlight.

"Identity is a step forward in Spacelords' transition to the free to play business model, offering an exciting range of optional cosmetic items to the growing Spacelords community," said Enric Álvarez, Game Director. "This update is just the second milestone in our ambitious Spacelords' Roadmap, and we will continue to add top quality content to Spacelords in the coming months based on the players' feedback."

A trailer for the update can be seen down below, alongside some new screens. Which feature are you most pumped about?


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