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Halo Infinite

Spacestation Gaming has acquired a new Halo roster

The former Pittsburgh Knights roster has a new home.

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Following its victory at the Halo Championship Series Mexico Regional Championship, the Pittsburgh Knights Halo team has officially got a new home, as the entire team has been acquired by Spacestation Gaming.

As revealed over Twitter, the team, including the four active players (Atzin "Atzo" Mayen, Irving "Drift" Ramírez, Josbe "Tapping Buttons" Valadez, and John "Pelu" Montoya) have moved to Spacestation, as has former Timbers Esports coach Carlos "Nugget" Marlasca.

As for when we'll next get this revamped Spacestation Gaming roster, that will be at the Orlando Major in late September, ahead of the World Championship for 2022 shortly afterwards. As Spacestation is one of the partnered HCS teams, we can also look forward to seeing plenty more of this crew.

Halo Infinite

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