Marvel's Avengers

Spider-Man and the first raid is finally coming to Marvel's Avengers

The new hero will be coming to the PlayStation version only.

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Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have time and time again promised that Spider-Man would make his way to the PlayStation versions of Marvel's Avengers this year, and now we finally know exactly when.

Marvel's Avengers

The developers have just shared this week's blog revealing that Marvel's Avengers will get a massive update on November 30. I say massive because it'll include a whole bunch of things players have been craving for a long time. Number one for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players is obviously the fact that Spider-Man joins the roster that day, and he's introduced in the traditional way a unique story and mission chain. This one is all about how Peter Parker finds out that AIM is planning to get its hands on some special technology that could make the Synthoids unstoppable. Stopping this won't be easy, which is why he forms a tentative friendship with Black Widow and Ms. Marvel. We're told that he'll struggles with the new dynamics of working with a team, so time will tell how this will affect his story-arc.

PlayStation owners aren't the only ones who can look forward to November 30 either, as the update will also include the game's first raid, increase the maximum Power Level to 175, gear upgrading that allows us to breakdown higher-level gear and transfer the level to our favourites, implement a lootbox-sounding system called Shipments (randomised bundles of "coveted Cosmetics, resources, and other items that can be previewed before you buy it for 500 Units) and the option to farm the weekly rewards once a week for each eligible Hero instead of just the one we'll have to make due with until then. More detailed information about most of these things will be shared in the coming weeks leading up to launch, and you can see everything included with the update below.

Marvel's Avengers

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