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Spider-Man may have actually been visually upgraded

That's right, there's no evidence of a downgrade.

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If you've been browsing the internet recently you may have seen heated discussion about whether Insomniac's Spider-Man had been downgraded visually, which all sprouted from a picture on Reddit, but now after the review embargo lifted Digital Foundry did their own study to see if this was true, and it turns out there's no downgrade.

After extensive investigations into several elements of the game, Digital Foundry came to the following conclusion:

"Those expecting confirmation of a downgrade to Marvel's Spider-Man when assessing final code should probably look away now. Having stacked up the final game against the E3 2017 presentation, our overall conclusion is that (...) there has been no technical downgrade. In fact, we'd say that the final presentation is upgraded in key respects, both technical and artistic."

For the finer technical details, be sure to check out Digital Foundry's report, but for our own impressions you should read our review. And if you need to take one lesson away from this piece, it's that you shouldn't trust everything you see online.


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