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Splinter Cell Remake

Splinter Cell Remake will feature "photorealistic" graphics

Expect some pretty impressive visuals whenever the game debuts.

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Ever since it was officially announced a year ago, we've been looking forward to Splinter Cell Remake. It will be a completely reworked take on the first game in the franchise, which was released 20 years ago (almost to the day).

And clearly Ubisoft Toronto has really high ambitions for the game. This becomes evident after a new job listing where they are looking for a Senior Character Artist for the project, as this is a part of the job description:

"Create highly detailed and photorealistic 3D character models and textures for use in-game, including heads, hair, and clothing."

Basically, it seems like we can expect Sam Fisher to look really, really good when he returns to Third Echelon for his remade adventure - which we still haven't seen anything from and do not even have a release year for.

Splinter Cell Remake

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