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Spruce up your Apple devices with some Nomad accessories

We've taken a look at iPhone cases and Apple Watch straps on the latest Quick Look.

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While Apple products are notoriously difficult to customise in a hardware perspective, the Californian tech giant does at least let owners spruce up their devices with an array of accessories, be it iPhone cases or Apple Watch straps, and so forth.

In this vein, we've teamed up with Nomad once again to check out a new batch of their latest accessories made for Apple products. On the most recent episode of Quick Look, we've got our hands on a few different iPhone cases and Apple Watch straps and have given our opinions on them and how they work and better each Apple system they relate to.

If you've been wondering about getting a new Nomad accessory, take a look at the video below for a glimpse of what you'll be in store for.


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