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      Bravely Default II

      Square Enix announces Bravely Default II's new release date

      We've got a 2021 release date and a deep dive video about the demo survey result.

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      After a long silence following the release of the demo version and its subsequent survey for the players, Square Enix has finally revealed Bravely Default II's release date. The RPG will release on Nintendo Switch on February 26, with pre-order now available. The pre-order will come with a bonus, which is a code to download the original soundtrack by Revo, who composed the music for earlier Bravely Default entries too.

      Additionally, the publisher also released an in-depth video about what it does with the feedback players solicited in March 2020. The survey was based on the demo version (that we previewed here), and it received 22,000 responses. Producer Masashi Takahashi explained which feedback is implemented, such as the difficulty options, battle interface, exploration, and many more. You can watch the full explanation in the video above.

      We also have the new Bravely Default II release date trailer below:

      Bravely Default IIBravely Default II
      Bravely Default IIBravely Default II

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