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The Quiet Man

Square Enix embraces negative response to The Quiet Man

The unorthodox Accolades Trailer owns up to the negative press and shares some pretty scathing comments on the game.

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Square Enix has released a rather unusual Accolades Trailer for The Quiet Man. Where normally we would get blasted with positive quotes about a title, this time we are treated with negative responses from reviews and users.

From "Worst Joke of the Century" and "Inexplicable" to "Catastrophic Failure" and "Trashhhhhhhhh", the trailer bombards us with these comments, although it does end on a positive note and shows decisively different perspectives from users who played the game after the latest update.

In the game players step into the shoes of Dane, a deaf man fighting his way to uncover the truth about the kidnapping of singer Lala. The Quiet Man mixes live-action with CGI and action gameplay, and is available on PC and PlayStation 4, if you were wondering.

Is this a good response to bad press?

The Quiet Man

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