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Stability of RLCS auto-qualification is "big win for everyone"

We talked with Psyonix's head of esports Josh Watson about the RLCS

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We recently reported that <a href="http://www.gamereactor.eu/esports/532423/Auto-qualification+is+coming+to+Rocket+League/>auto-qualification is coming to Rocket League's RLCS competition</a>, and following this we spoke with Psyonix's head of global esports Josh Watson about the RLCS and about the inclusion of this feature specifically.

"The addition of auto-qualification is very important for the RLCS for several reasons. The most important being the stability and peace of mind it gives our players who are dedicating their talents and time to play the game at the highest level. That stability is also important for new organisations as they look to enter the Rocket League esports ecosystem. Overall it's a big win for everyone," he explained.

We then got onto talking about the RLCS in general, and it's growth since it started. "The RLCS has grown rapidly since its launch just over a year ago," Watson said. "The league has become a leader in the industry in an incredibly short time, and we're just getting started. We are seeing more interest than ever from players and fans, and that momentum is encouraging. From the beginning, the goal was to create a premium global competition, and with the addition of a new region, multi-language broadcasts and premier weekly content, like RLCS Overtime, we believe we're on the right track."

When asked whether esports is now a consistent focus for the game, then, he responded: "Absolutely. Over the last year we've seen that Rocket League is very well suited for professional play and our community is fired up about the sport. At its core Rocket League is a competitive game and with a growing base of highly skilled players and enthusiastic fans, esports and Rocket League are a natural fit."

"Every season we aim to make the RLCS better for players and fans, and we'll continue to gather feedback and evolve when necessary. The addition of the auto-qualification, new region and talk show were huge additions for us this season and we have a lot more planned for the next one."

Such rapid growth and big plans don't come without challenges though. "The league has grown faster than most esports, and one of the challenges we face is remaining flexible in a time of immense growth," Watson continued. "As the sport continues to gain in popularity it becomes imperative that we make changes to accommodate that growth, however it also becomes more difficult. Finding a balance between making necessary changes to better the sport, while not disrupting the core elements fans have come to expect is extremely important to us.

There's no doubt the Championship Series has grown dramatically, but what does it need to do to ensure it keeps growing?

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