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Star Citizen

Star Citizen single-player aims at late 2020 release

Squadron 42 will have its first beta testing in the second half of that year, and the studio has a brand new investment too.

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Chris Roberts, the founding father of crowdfunded giant Star Citizen, has revealed that Cloud Imperium Games is aiming to release the single-player portion of the sci-fi game in 2020, with the first beta testing of Squadron 42 commencing in the second half of 2020.

Roberts also announced a new private investment of $46 million USD in the studio, which will help to finish Squadron 42, the cast of which includes actors Mark Hamill, Gary Oldman, and Gillian Anderson. On Kickstarter Star Citizen was already was funded for $211 million too, so they're not short on funds.

"This investment helps secure our independence. We may not have the resources that an Activision or EA have to launch one of their tentpole games, but we now control our own destiny in marketing Squadron 42, especially as we have a secret weapon: all of you," Roberts writes. "Between the power of the best community in gaming to help get the message out and these additional funds we will be well positioned to enable Squadron 42 to enjoy the success that it deserves."

The full roadmap for Squadron 42 can be found here. Are you excited to finally get your hands on Star Citizen?

Star Citizen

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