Star Wars: The Bad Batch starts on May 4th on Disney+, here are the details

The first season is set to feature 14 episodes.

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Gamereactor reported in February, that a Clone Wars spin-off series, Star Wars: The Bad Batch, will start exclusively on Disney+ on May 4th. Now, we know a bunch of more details.

Lucasfilm's animated series The Bad Batch follows Clone Force 99, which is an "elite and experimental crew". It is the result of Kaminoan experiments, and the goal was to create a specialist unit of clone commandos. They were first introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars series. These soldiers are clones, who are not the same as their brothers in the Clone Army. Each of them have "a singular exceptional skill that makes him an extraordinarily effective soldier". In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, they rescued a clone trooper Echo from Separatist captivity, and welcomed this cybernetic soldier among them. The series follows Bad Batch after the events of the Clone War.

The members are Hunter (the crew leader), Wrecker (big and muscular clone, think of Hulk in Star Wars universe), Tech (computer and weapons specialist, the most talkative of the group) and Crosshair (team sniper). And let's not forget Echo (former ARC trooper).

Star Wars: The Bad Batch was created by executive producer Dave Filoni, and executive produced by Athena Portillo, Brad Rau and Jennifer Corbett. Co-executive producer is Carrie Beck, and as a producer we have Josh Rimes. Brad Rau also has a responsibility of supervising director with Jennifer Corbett as head writer.

Since all the characters are (almost) clones, they are all voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. It will be interesting to see, how this works in the end. In time new characters are introduced into the storyline, which means that there will be special guest voice actors.

The first season will have 14 episodes.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch starts on May 4th on Disney+, here are the details

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