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      Starfield release date to be revealed "very soon" according to Bethesda

      Bethesda Latin America had some good news to share in the comment section of Instagram.

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      The upcoming week will be a good one for Xbox fans (or just fans of great games in general) as Bethesda and Microsoft has a mini-event they call a Developer Direct, where we will get to see plenty of new stuff for Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends, Redfall and The Elder Scrolls Online.

      The upcoming space-RPG Starfield is missing though, but will get a separate event at a later point to really show it off in a proper way. Fortunately, it doesn't seem like we will have to wait overly long. As noted by eagle eyed Reddit users, we should expect at least a release date to come "very soon", which is what Bethesda Latin America said to a fan when asked about it:

      "We will announce it very soon, we are preparing a special event for the game."

      While we do know from experience that "soon" can mean anything from two hours to two years in the video game industry, "very soon" is more often an indication that there won't be a long wait. Hopefully this is an indication that we might get the Starfield showcase during February.

      The latest rumours say the game is planned for a release in either July or August.


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