Starfield seems to be getting a higher frame-rate

Although the specifics are still up for grabs.

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While perhaps expected, many were disappointed when it was announced almost a year ago that Bethesda's role-playing game Starfield would run at 30 frames per second. Although it's not a multiplayer action game, many prefer a more responsive and smooth game.

And perhaps Bethesda has responded to this. Because when Bethesda legend Todd Howard recently appeared on Kinda Funny Gamescast, he took the opportunity to cryptically tell us that "we're adding other display modes on consoles people have asked for", which can only reasonably mean a better frame rate.

While we doubt Bethesda can get the game to run at double the frame rate on Xbox due to all the systems constantly running (something Howard talks more about in the linked and very interesting podcast), we could imagine a 33% increase to 40 frames per second, which would provide a noticeably better smoothness.

Howard also promised that mods are on the way for the Xbox version of Starfield when asked about it:

"Absolutely, 100%. We've seen it become such a huge thing for Fallout and Skyrim, that's definitely something that's really important to us."

He won't say when the mods will be released, but adds that we can expect more information "soon":

"You're gonna hear some information about that soon. I don't have a date to announce on when its full release is coming it's really important to us. Our modders out there have been incredible."

In short, there seems to be a lot of exciting things going on and as we could tell you earlier today, there is also a big summer update coming, in addition to the previously promised expansion Shattered Space that will be released this autumn.


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