Rage 2

Steam Autumn Sale is now live until December 3

Looking to grab some games for cheap? Industry giant Steam's annual Autumn sale is now officially live.

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With Black Friday just around the corner, Valve have opened up Steam's Autumn Sale, offering several interesting games at low prices until December 3 at 7pm CET. An example? Gears 5 now goes for a 50% discount, at 34.99 euros, or The Crew 2 to 14.99 euros (instead of 59.99 euros).

Also interesting are the promos on The Surge 2 at 29.99 euros (instead of 49.99 euros), Rage 2 at 19.79 euros with a 67% discount , and the metroidvania game Dead Cells to 17.49 euros instead of 24.99 euros.

The list is quite wide with games for all tastes and if you want to know more, we suggest you go to Steam page to take a look.

Rage 2

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