Steam Beta update adds a slew of Steam Controller features

Valve adds new features to the controller.

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Yesterday's Steam Beta update didn't just make changes to the Steam client, the update also added a number of new features for Valve's Steam Controller. These include the ability to bind the 'take a screenshot' function and 'show keyboard' action. You'll find a list of the updates below:

Steam Controller:
• Added user definable action sets for legacy games.
• Users can now add additional action sets with their own sets of bindings. Action sets can be added/deleted/named as appropriate and selected via a binding. Note that unlike mode-shifts, action sets completely replace all currently active bindings, and can have their own mode shifts and so forth.
• Added New Controller Action binding types which will expand in the future with bindings that are not specific to the game, but rather higher level, as noted below.
• Added Change Action Set Binding - sets the action set to the next or a specified action set when used.
• Added Show Keyboard Binding - shows the on-screen keyboard
• Added Take Screenshot Binding - takes a screenshot
• Removed hard coded desktop keyboard shortcut (stick click) and replaced it with controller action binding in the default desktop configuration.
• Fixed some cases of non-steam games not applying controller settings. • Ensure that "Allow Launchers" option is off for this to take effect.
• Fixed controllers not turning off on Suspend power mode in Desktop mode which could cause zombie controllers to be seen over wireless
• Fixed Horizontal Invert setting not working on Mouse Joystick

A full list of the tweaks that landed in the March 11 update can be found in the Steam Client Beta group.

Steam Beta update adds a slew of Steam Controller features

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