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The Banner Saga

Stoic moving forward on The Banner Saga sequel

Team to return to work after a short hiatus.

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The three-man team at Stoic has confirmed that they're going to return to action "after a short hiatus" and begin working on the second chapter of The Banner Saga.

The fledgling series has been unwillingly drawn into a recent legal dispute with over the trademarking of the game's title, but that hasn't deterred the Stoic team, in fact they confirmed the news via a heartfelt post to fans thanking everyone for the positive feedback.

"The feedback we've gotten from players and reviewers have really been taken to heart. We've already put out the first patch fixing issues reported by players about bugs and balance and after a short hiatus we'll be coming back to work on the next game in the trilogy. If there's one complaint we've heard over and over, it's that the story isn't done," read the statement on Facebook.

We're delighted with this news, even if we expected it. You can find out what we thought of the game by checking out our review, or you can read our interview with Stoic's Alex Thomas right here.

The Banner Saga

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