Sonic Forces

Streamer criticised for beating Sonic Forces and refunding it

All of which happened on the stream.

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Steam have been criticised for a while for their refund policy, allowing customers to essentially return titles that have been played for under two hours and owned for two weeks or less. Now though, the debate is heating up even more, as a popular streamer has completed the recently returned Sonic Forces, just to return it for a full refund from Steam.

The news comes by way of Polygon, who reports that livestreamer WeeGeeTheGod managed to complete the game in two hours and 40 minutes, and then returned it live on the air.

During the stream, the reason for returning the game was: "I thought that this was a different Sonic game and I meant to buy another one instead of this one", which of course is a lie, and a live demonstration of how the system can be abused, especially when a game is short.

The reason he provided to Polygon, however, was slightly different: "As hard as it is for some to believe, I played a video game on stream to have fun, not to nefariously milk it for Twitch donations. After beating the entire game in under three hours and coming to the conclusion that it was absolutely abysmal, I requested a refund with the reason being: 'It's not fun.'"

He ultimately added that his request would have been denied by Steam if it was an abuse of the refund policy.

What do you think? Should Valve change its policy?

Sonic Forces

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