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Streamer Ninja reveals Fortnite competition coming in April

He'll even be taking part.

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Fortnite: Battle Royale is proving incredibly popular both as a game in its own right and as a Twitch title, and now we know a brand new esports competition coming our way, as top Twitch streamer Ninja announced that a tournament will be coming to Esports Arena Vegas in April.

The official Twitter announcement explains that on April 21 $50,000 USD will be at stake over 10 games, with each game being worth $5,000 and the winner getting $2,500, but since Ninja is taking part, there's a catch - for every game he wins, $2,500 will go to a charity of his choice, and the bounty rolls over to the next game.

It's good to see Ninja making use of his popularity on Twitch to promote the competitive side of Epic Games' title, which may be perfect timing, as we've just found out that we'll be getting details on competitive play soon, and there's a celebrity tournament coming to E3 this year as well.

Do you think Ninja will win a lot of these games?


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